Larry W. Garnett Design & Planning

Larry W. Garnett Design & Planning focuses on innovative, yet practical home design and New Urbanism for small-scale developers.  A residential designer since 1977, Garnett has designed six national show homes, including "The Most Romantic Home in America" for Traditional Home Magazine.  His book, The Home Plan Doctor was published in 2008.  He also writes the monthly "House Review" feature for Professional Builder Magazine.

His interest and experience in the New Urbanism has recently allowed him to be involved in the overall design of several "New Villages."  In 2009, he became one of the first design professionals to become an Accredited Member of the Congress for the New Urbanism

About Cottage Courts

Inspired by the Bungalow Courts built along the West Coast in the early 1900s, these quaint homes are grouped around common courtyards.

Although cars typically dominate a great deal of our lives, it becomes important that they do not overwhelm the integrity of each cottage.  Therefore, parking is intentionally placed away from the homes.  Since residents walk from their cars along paths through the common areas and adjacent to their neighbor's front porches, there's always an opportunity to stop and visit or simply say "hello."

The Cottages at Stucki Farms

A unique series of Cottage Court Neighborhoods located on 19 acres with views of the surrounding mountains.  The quaint bungalows and casitas consist of one to three bedroom single and two-story homes ranging from 530 to 1280 sq. ft.

A combination of open parking and garages allow the residents to interact with their neighbors as they travel from their cars along the common courtyards and walkways. The result is a delightful pedestrian-friendly neighborhood where people are emphasized over automobiles.